In order to make sure that your property reflects your taste in style, you have to design each area in your home carefully. This includes not just the kitchen and bathrooms but the hallways, bedrooms and even the walk-in closet for your master bedroom.

Here, we discuss 8 top custom closet ideas that will give your property the personal touch and elegance that it needs.

1.     Maximize the Use of Floor to Ceiling Closet Space

Even if you manage to reserve enough space for your closet, chances are that you will have limited space for it. You should make the best use of it by putting in shelves, drawers, and hanging rails at the right place.

Shelves at the top should be designed to put in lighter luggage that you don’t need frequently such as blankets and extra pillows etc. The middle area of the shelves should have hanging rails and should be reserved for clothing that you use on a daily and weekly basis. The bottom racks and drawers can be reserved for shoes, socks, and other small accessories.

2.     Ideas for Drawers

Sometimes you can get away with just building open racks in your walk-in closet instead of drawers. Remember that drawers need to be pulled out to access their contents. Unless you want to store accessories and clothing that needs to be out of sight, you would be better off with open racks instead of putting in drawers anywhere.

If you do need to put in drawers in the closet, make sure that they are deep enough for easy placement of items you want to store. If you are planning to store big towels or bed sheets in your closet, you need deep and wide drawers that can actually fit a folded bed sheet without causing the drawer to get stuck while moving the drawer.

3.     Customized Shoe Shelves

If you have more than three pairs of shoes, you definitely need to get a large amount of space for the shoes in your closet. Customized shoe shelves are usually put in at the bottom of the closet and kept without a door. The open shelf allows you to view all the pair of shoes you have at a glance and you do not need to search through them one by one.

The shoe shelves generally do not need to be as deep as other shelves that you use for storing blankets and clothes. A good practice is to have two or three racks in the shoe shelves allowing you to store more without cluttering them up.

4.     Islands and Peninsulas

Another popular custom closet idea is to put in a center island or peninsulas in your walk-in closet. The island offers more counter space, drawer storage, and cabinets. It allows you to use the space in your closet more efficiently and provides you with better design options.

The center island is an excellent place to leave your attire for the next day and may even be used as an ironing stand. When trying on different attires for an event, the center island can be used to hold excess clothing, saving you from the hassle of hanging up dresses every time you try on a different combination. You can also leave your clothes for the next day at work on the center island and use them quickly. In short, the center island offers endless convenience and you will be glad that you put it in.

5.     Jewelry and Accessory Drawers

Jewelry and accessory drawers are quite shallow and small but give you an excellent place to keep your valuables. The drawers are generally placed slightly over the hip level and you can put in a good quality lock on them to keep your important items safe. You can store jewelry, watches, purses, keys, credit cards and other important items in the drawer and ensure that they don’t get lost in other clothing.

6.    Hanging Rails and Racks

The hanging rails are an absolute necessity in your closet. They are used to store your ironed up shirts, dresses, and trousers. You can install a single or double hanging rail based on your needs.

A single hanging rail is great if you have a lot of long overcoats, dresses, shirts, and long robes. A double hanging rail would allow you to store more clothing but cannot be used for storing long coats.

You can also put in hanging racks at the side of the closet to hang ties, belts, and other accessories. If you don’t put in a hanging rack, you would need to loop your ties and belts on hanger hooks, making it more difficult to access and view all your clothing at once.

7.     Sliding Doors

If you have limited standing space in your closet but still want to keep the doors shut, then you can install sliding doors for your customized closet. There are a variety of sliding doors available that easily glide over the railing and do not take up space when open. A special type of stacking doors can also be used that open up completely and give you a full view of your closet without taking up any space.

8.    Fancy Lighting and Color Theme

Your closet is not all about the storage cabinets, drawers and shelves. The lighting fixtures can also add a lot of character to your closet and add convenience. A glamorous chandelier in the center and fancy lighting fixtures on the sides will set the right mood for your closet. A soothing color combination will also add a nice touch to it.

 You will feel more relaxed, calm and comfortable while using your closet. Not only will it improve your own experience, but the closet will become a source of pride for you when you are showing it off to your guests.