When it comes to getting a closet for your home, you have two options. You can either go with a pre-made closet that is designed to provide good utility and is easy to buy or hire a contractor to build a customized closet for your needs.

The custom closet takes some time to manufacture but it is generally cheaper and built exactly according to your needs. These closets make the best use of space in your home and you can add a personal touch to them, making them a popular choice for homeowners. Here, we go over 5 important tips to get the best design in a custom closet for your home.

The Purpose of Your Closet

Before you start work on the closet, you should be clear about why you need it. This will help you decide the size, location and type of custom closet you will need to design.

  • If you are planning to use it for storing clothes and other outfits then your bedroom would be the ideal place for the closet and you will need a tall closet to easily hang your clothing.
  • Perhaps you need it to store the general clutter in your home and use it as deep storage for tools and unused crockery and cutlery. The ideal place would be the garage or dining area depending on what you will be storing in it.
  • Perhaps you have a hobby and need the closet to store your art and craft supplies? A medium height decorative closet in the living room would help you achieve this goal.
  • You may be looking to build a closet for the kids’ room to keep their school bags, toys, and books. A medium to small closet would be perfect for this.

Be Mindful of Your Needs

If you are looking to have a custom closet built for your needs, you should take note of how and what you will store in there. If you are planning to use the closet to store heavy tools and other machinery then you will need a sturdy closet, with hardwood paneling that can handle the equipment. On the other hand, if you are looking to store glassware, fine china or decorative items in your closet, you may want glass doors and even put in lighting fixtures inside.

Most people use the closet to store their wardrobe and you should have it designed based on how you will use it. If you generally have your outfits iron-pressed and hang them inside, then you will need a wide closet with a long hanging rail to keep all your shirts and dresses inside properly. If you tend to just throw your shirts and trousers inside, then you will need big drawers that offer a lot of space. If you roll your clothing into neat stacks then you will need multiple but narrow drawers to help you keep things more organized.

Make Efficient Use of Space

People choose to build custom closets is that they allow you to use the space in your home in an efficient manner. If you are looking to have a custom closet, let your contractor know your storage needs.

Closets are designed for storing your belongings in the best way, so make use of all the space that’s available. Ideally, you want to have a tall closet built where you can store equipment from the floor to the ceiling.

You can put in space for bins and shoe racks at the bottom. Drawers, pull-out containers, and hanging rails go in the middle. The space at the top can be used to store items you don’t need regularly like extra pillows and bed sheets and vacation clothes. Maximize the space usage in your closet. Even if you don’t use the space at present, you will need to use it in the future.

Hire a Skilled Closet Designer

There is no substitute for skill and experience. A good closet designer will give you guidance about what’s popular and how you can make the best use of space for building your closet. They can show you samples of closet designs and survey your property to take measurements of available space before recommending the best custom closet for your needs.

The designer will consider your budget and do all the hard work to create the perfect closet of your dreams. They will also assist you in finding good quality material at a reasonable price.

Personalize With Colors and Design

A custom closet for your home gives you plenty of personalization options. You just can’t have that kind of variety with a premade closet in the market. You can choose everything from the material quality, color, and design to the size and storage capacity of the closet.

You can get LED lighting fixtures built inside closet shelves to give you better lighting when browsing the closet. You can also include special storage compartments and a safe in your custom closet for securely storing valuable items like jewelry.

With a custom closet, you also get the option for fitting in hooks for belts, ties, purses and other accessories that you use. The designer can also put in space for storing ironing boards, long mirrors, and suitcases.

A shoe rack at the bottom will make it easier to store your shoes and sandals without leaving them in the room. If you have lots of shoes, then you can build multiple storage racks for footwear, something that you don’t always find with a premade closet.

You also get the option to install sliding or hinged doors to your closet. If you would rather have certain shelves in the closet left open, like the compartments for storing perfumes and hand lotions at the top, you can do that with a custom closet.

When you are looking to install a custom closet for your home, discuss every idea that you can think of with your closet designer. They will let you know what can be installed or not and help you design the perfect customized closet of you